Featured: Cost Effective Ways to Revamp Your Wardrobe

There is nothing more frustrating than waking up to the same clothes in your closet. The feeling of dread that accompanies dressing like a version of yourself that you’ve outgrown is real. From personal experience, I know that it is so much easier to complain about it than actually do something about it. The sooner you get it together and overhaul your closet the better your mental sanity will be. Trust me on this.

The truth is, our style has a huge impact on our confidence. VOGUE calls the correlation between our clothes and mood as Enclothed Cognition, “meaning that if your brain links Miuccia Prada’s or Phoebe Philo’s collections with powerful, intelligent women, you’re likely to take on those attributes when you wear that Prada pleated skirt or Céline jacket.” This gives us all the more reason to channel our most powerful role models.

Let’s get to revamping. Here are six ways to rotate your closet without breaking the bank.  


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