I am a Dominican-American writer, freelance graphic designer, and yoga instructor. I have been blogging for over five years and have seen my writing grow from poetry and prose entries that were meant just for me into writing that I now share to inspire. I focus on professional development, personal wellness (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual), my millennial women of color lifestyle, and beauty. These are the things that have become the most true to me in the last two years. 






I used to be on track to become an urban planner -- I was really into the idea of creating sustainable inner cities. I’m talking like a week after my undergrad graduation I was at Harvard University Graduate School of Design getting acquainted with the studio for a summer intensive. Afterwards, I worked at a non-profit planning agency with a rich background in social justice work and organizing. It was perfect for me. I was on track for graduate school and if all went well I would have most likely ended up at MIT, where many of my former colleagues graduated from. So what happened?

I hated the actual day to day work of urban planning. Everything was lined up for me, but all of the logistics that came with the profession bored me more than they made me happy. My true passion has always been writing. I started been designing websites, blogging, and studying graphic design on my own while I was working full time. The immediacy of posting and getting overwhelming amounts of positive feedback made me crave more creativity in my workplace; so much so that I decided to quit my job despite my parents’ hesitation. After all, I went to college to have the privilege of exploring my interests without the same fear that they as immigrants are forced to carry.

It’s moments like these that will test our character. I thought to myself, am I going to walk away from the things that once moved me and call it a mistake; or am I the kind of woman that pats herself on the back for defying statistics and moving mountains to set a path for herself, that is now only proof of what she’s capable of.  I am the latter, and so I sealed that chapter of my life with no regrets and took with me the valuable things the experience left me with.

In order to cope with the overwhelmingness of it all, I created a plan. I signed up for a yoga teacher training at Harlem Yoga Studio and kept to writing. I made a decision that if none of the editorial or creative agencies I was applying to wanted to make space me for, I was going to create it for myself. I wrote for this blog, did social media for a Latinxs founded started up, and created my own brand, Curated Hustle, where I made myself Editor in Chief. 

Throughout this journey,  I have not only learned so much entrepreneurship, what I want professionalism to be for me as my own boss, ways to stand in my own power, how to to pause and strategize in order to manifest the things I want to see in my life, how to heal from issues of self worth, what self care means for me and so much more. My blog is a reflection of my growth as I create a life that is authentic to me. I hope to empower other women to pursue their dreams, speak to the experience of first generation college graduate, share my knowledge on all levels of wellness as a yoga instructor, and inspire women to feel beautiful just the way they are.